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The importance of warm up before surfing

Before surfing or starting any exercise session, it’s essential to warm up, why? Warming up makes tissues more pliable and ready to exercise, and therefore makes injuries less likely. The body works more efficiently when it’s warm. It reaches a steady state of energy production and your performance will improve. […]

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Why training benefits your surfing?

Surfing is a demanding sport Surf training is the most important part of your preparation to get better in this sport. Imagine all the paddling, all those wipeouts and the strength you need to pull off manoeuvres when you’re up and riding a wave. Improving your fitness will make surfing […]

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Puro Surf Summer camp 2017

Let your children live the best experience for this summer vacation! Surf is a complete sport, where your kid will learn to be goal oriented, focus on the present and appreciate the nature. Week summer camp Ages: 8 to 14 June 19th – Aug 12th Monday to Friday 8am – […]

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Puro Surf: Perfomance Academy

  El surf es más que un estilo de vida, es un deporte. Como todo deporte necesita entrenamiento físico, mental, una nutrición balanceada y sesiones de estiramientos todo esto va orientado a preparar el cuerpo al esfuerzo físico y explosivo que demanda el surf. La propuesta de Puro Surf Performance […]

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