Perched on a cliff in front of a world class point break, Puro Surf Hotel and Performance Academy was set up by a group of surfers that are passionate about the sport of surfing. These surfers care deeply about the country and community they live in and want to share the life they love.




Puro Surf Hotel is all about living the dream. A boutique hotel of just 13 rooms set into beautiful surroundings. Whether surfing or not, as a guest you can expect to eat well, sleep well and enjoy life.

The hotel services include yoga, massage, cultural and adventure tours. Hotel guest will have access to the Academy facilities, including a gym, yoga studio, carver skate park and lap pool. The hotel is also host to a stunning infinity pool and bar just above the beach.

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Performance Academy



Surfing is often described as a lifestyle and for many of us it is but it is also a sport and deserves the same level of training/coaching that you would expect from any sport, that’s where we come in! Taking in to consideration that the body and mind work as one we use an integrated approach, preparing you to take your surfing to the next level.

El Zonte is a surfing paradise. Offering an incredibly consistent right hand point break just in front of the hotel, a river-mouth A frame and beach breaks are all within walking distance.

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The restaurant is open air and combines local flavours into well balanced culinary delights. Fresh ingredients are sourced from the surrounding farms and local fisherman, feeding the local economy and providing our guests with a taste of El Salvador.

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