Puro Surf Hotel and Academy was set up by a group of surfers that are passionate about the sport of surfing, care about the country and community they live in and want to share the life they love with people from around the world.
Puro Surf would love to see El Zonte as one of the country’s first self-sustainable communities. We are seeking new projects. Currently we are exploring possibilities that include sustainable farming to meet the hotels demand for fresh fruit and vegetables, local waste management and recycling programs, whilst constantly working to minimize our own footprint.

In 2016 Puro Surf and Glasswing International launched their partnership, focusing their efforts in El Zonte and neighbouring communities to strength public health and public education.
The health component is carried out at the local community health centre, where the quality of services and coverage have been improved by financing doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.
In this last year that has allowed for 1,599 medical interventions and 1,073 medical consultations.
Included in the health initiative is the Amway nutritional program and three girls clubs that meet regularly to cover topics empowerment, woman’s rights and reproductive health.
The education component is implemented through the local public school. Glasswing believes, that education is the basis for improving people’s quality of life and guaranteeing sustainable development.
Extensive work to the school infrastruture took place in 2016, creating a positive learning environment and the perfect location for hosting the 9 extracurricular clubs that Puro Surf & Glasswing founded.
Our day camps started running before we broke ground on the Puro Surf Hotel in El Zonte and are the heart of our operation. Designed for communities along the coast where resources are scarce and opportunities are limited. Children and young adults take part in fun and empowering surf lessons, team building activities focused on sharing life skills and educational discussions, including environmental issues.
If you would like to help out during your time at Puro Surf, are interested in setting up a Compartiendo Olas or corporate event including social work please contact us.
Medusas (Jellyfish) Surf Girls was born as an initiative to motivate and inspire young girls with limited opportunities here the discipline of surfing, creating spaces of communion and free expression, for all those who live in the coastal areas of El Salvador.
They develop activities every Sunday in El Zonte, such as beach clean ups, kids’ surf training, swimming classes, English classes and different workshops to help them to know how they can transform a dream into a goal and make them come true.

Evelyn, stay at home mother of two, has already participated in three workshops: gardening, rearing chickens, baking and also volunteers to lead one of the Soccer Clubs.

Evelyn states,“With the skills I’ve gained through the baking workshops, I’ve been able to diversify the sweets I make at home and sell them to help my family. Perhaps one day, I can even open a bakery.’’


Brian, is 16 years old, leads the robotics club and is a member of the english club.

‘‘Young people need support and the community needs employment opportunities. Puro Surf has shown that they are really interested in us and want to support us. When they arrived, it gave me hope. Now, thanks to them, I feel more motivated and am more interested in going to school.’’

Next year, Brian will head to high school. His plan is to go to university to pursue a degree in Operating Systems.