Our approach focuses on four key points
We prepare your body by means of specific exercise routines, yoga sessions and stretching. You will do the movements of correct technique, and have a better performance in your sessions and also prevent injuries.
We strengthen your mind to achieve better performances. Focusing on the present, without losing sight of the goal, and positively face the challenges that arise along the way.
We teach optimal technique of each maneuver. You will follow a series of steps that give you the same result each time, and thus increase the consistency of each surf session.
We help you get the most out of your sessions by understanding a broad range of variables. From selecting the right board for conditions, to understanding your position in the line up, and for some, even preparing for competition. Having clear objectives each time you enter the water will improve your surfing tenfold.
At Puro Surf we utilize:
-Yoga Room
-Lap Pool
-Concrete Wave for Carver Skateboards
-Video Coaching Session
-Nutritious and healthy food at Covana Kitchen
-Therapy / massage room
-El Salvador surf spots
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