The importance of warm up before surfing

The importance of warm up before surfing


Before surfing or starting any exercise session, it’s essential to warm up, why?

Warming up makes tissues more pliable and ready to exercise, and therefore makes injuries less likely.

The body works more efficiently when it’s warm. It reaches a steady state of energy production and your performance will improve.

Surfing is an extremely intense full body workout

It’s important to make sure all your muscles are ready for surfing to help prevent injury. Not only is it important to stretch but it is very important to do warm up exercises which recreate movements that you will be doing while surfing.

The purpose of warming up the body is to prepare you physically and mentally to maximize your performance.

A decent warm up should be continuous and rhythmical, should last between 4 to 8 minutes, and should include a gentle exercise for the whole body – such as light jogging – to gradually increase the heart rate, breathing and blood supply to the muscles. Additional light mobility exercises such as arm swings and leg swings can warm up your muscles and help to prepare you for your first wave.

Static stretching is best if performed after a workout and as part of one’s “cool down” and recovery. During static stretching, one may hold a challenging but comfortable position for approximately 10 to 30 seconds. This type of stretching is safe and effective in enhancing overall range of motion and flexibility.

So before you hit the water, here are some of dynamic warm-up stretches.

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