Why training benefits your surfing?

Why training benefits your surfing?


Surfing is a demanding sport

Surf training is the most important part of your preparation to get better in this sport. Imagine all the paddling, all those wipeouts and the strength you need to pull off manoeuvres when you’re up and riding a wave. Improving your fitness will make surfing and especially learning to surf, much more enjoyable. You will feel more connected with your entire body and take advantage of every part of the wave.

It will increase your stamina and power to catch more waves, enable you to spend more time in the water, improve basic surfing manoeuvres and help you to deal with the challenging conditions the ocean throw at you.

This is why first having balance and stability in your core and posture are essential to a successful weight-training program. If you’re not sure if you have a stable core or posture, you need three months of core and posture foundation training before you start a strengthening program.

Stability and strength are two different things

First you get stable, and then you can get strong. Stability means having the ability to form basic movements with balance and coordination and endurance. Being balanced on the wave and in your body is a combination of understanding technique and the range of positions you can or can’t reach, because of your physical limitations.

When you’re training, try to focus on exercise routines where you work the whole body at the same time, try to include exercises on unstable surfaces like an Indo board or Bosu ball to be able to learn how to have strength in your core and muscle.

We have develop a surf training program to help you to reach the next level at surfing. The first step is to analyst your current level, then we create an specific program for you with exercises, surf coaching sessions ad video analyst. Contact us to know more about our services.


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